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Getting Started

Discovering iTunes Internet Radio
Internet Radio is available on iTunes desktop and Apple TV (3rd generation). Learn More >
Before Submission
Ensure that your station stream works properly in iTunes:
  • Open iTunes.
  • Select 'Open Stream…' in the File menu.
  • Enter your audio stream URL and verify your station starts playing.
  • Submission Guidelines
  • iTunes supports streaming formats .m3u, .mp3 and .pls. IP addresses (with these format streams) are also acceptable. Streaming formats .asx, .wma, .qtl and other various formats are not compatible and should not be submitted.
  • Streams must broadcast 128k bitrate or higher, except for spoken word such as News/Talk, Sports/Radio and non-music Comedy where AAC/AAC+ streams 64k and higher are acceptable.
  • Stations can list only one bitrate and one genre.
  • Stations using names other than their own to be listed higher in the directory or twice in the directory will be rejected.
  • Station submissions must include cover art which is a 3000 by 3000 pixel JPG or PNG image using RGB colorspace at 72 DPI. Attach your cover art to your submission form.
  • Station names, descriptions, and URLs may be edited to conform to our editorial and technical standards.
  • If you are a Radionomy station, you do not need to submit or remove your station. Radionomy provides updates on behalf of stations to the iTunes Internet Radio directory. Contact Radionomy support for further questions via Email.
  • Complete Submission Form
    Download and fill out this spreadsheet. Be sure to enter your broadcast streaming URL in the "URL" column. Do not modify the first row or add additional columns. Then, attach your completed form and cover art to a Station Submission request below. Apple Numbers or Microsoft Excel (.xls) spreadsheets are accepted. Download >

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